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If you’re serious about dropping some weight, Pasadena Weight Loss Center is the place you want to be! Dr. Matar and his staff use research-based strategies to maximize your weight loss through all-natural eating plans and strategic exercise. If you follow the program, you will lose weight. Not only is the program effective, the staff members are all very knowledgeable and friendly. From scheduling appointments, to the coaches, office manager and, of course, Dr. Matar himself, all are a pleasure to interact with. Caring, supportive, personal, and effective. What more could you ask for?”Not only is the program effective, the staff members are all very knowledgeable and friendly. From scheduling appointments, to the coaches, office manager and, of course, Dr. Matar himself, all are a pleasure to interact with. Caring, supportive, personal, and effective. What more could you ask for?

 Ken M.
Ken M.Arcadia, CA

“If I can do it, you can too! I am currently in my second year of law school, and I was worried that I would be able to make time to focus on fitness and weight loss. During my initial consultation with Dr. Matar, I could tell his mission was to truly transform peoples’ lives. I had come to him feeling completely dejected and discouraged. My self-confidence had hit an all-time low, but the kindness and support I felt was overwhelming and has transformed my outlook and how I think about food, my health, and routines. Their easy-to-follow plans and weekly consultations helped me stay motivated and kept me accountable. I was given a plan that adapted to my lifestyle. Meeting every week helped to integrate my progress and the expertise of the Weight Loss Center staff and continuously assured that I felt comfortable with my routine. The best part was that it was flexible and accommodated my busy life as a student. I continue to see consistent weight loss and muscle gain. I cannot possibly express to you how empowering this program has been. My experiences here have been incredibly positive and I am so grateful that I walked through the door!”The difference maker for me is the staff and my team. Dr. Matar and his wife Rawaa are the nicest, most caring people. But I have to give my team the most thanks. Brad, Joe, and Lindsey you rock! Weekly coaching and diet adjustments, working around my schedule, and pushing me during my workouts will definitely continue to contribute to my success!

Olivia H.
Olivia H. Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been coming to PWLC for a little over a year now. This is the longest and most successful weight loss venture I’ve tried. All of the staff are very friendly and supportive, and take the time to learn your name and your story. The weight has come off slowly but it’s stayed off. The coaching presents the “ideal” plan (for me, that included eating 15 servings of veggies a day) and then helps me figure out what’s realistic for me and how to implement that as best I can. Worth the price!

Evonne S.
Evonne S. Azusa, CA

“This place is awesome! I have been on yoyo diets for years and for the first time, I feel that I have learned the importance of nutrient, diet and exercise the proper way. Everybody here is super nice and is here to make sure that I accomplish my goal. With busy schedules and lack of time, Pasadena Weight Loss Center, seems to have master workouts that accomplish more than what I can do in 2 hours in just 30-45 min. The coaching is catered to me and nobody else, which means that I’m learning a life change and not just a temporary diet which always ends up with me losing the lbs but a few months later, I not only gain the lbs back but add a few more. This place works and its fun at the same time!”

 Henry C.
Henry C.Los Angeles, CA

“I have been a client of Pasadena Weight Loss for almost a year now. Working with Dr Matar and the rest of the staff has been a pleasure and one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Dr Matar is a knowledgeable and compassionate man who always listens. I have had great results with the plan that was created for me. The rest of the staff is also very supportive and professional.

There is no way I could have achieved the results I have on my own. The improvement to my health and the way I look and feel is tremendous. They have changed the way I look at and deal with food. I am not on a diet, I now eat food that not only tastes good but nourishes my body.

I highly recommend Dr Matar and his staff!”

Mindy K.
Mindy K.Altadena, CA

“I went in close to dead. I was so exhausted, I was dragging myself around. My hair is prematurely grey and was falling out at an alarming rate. I’d lost my appetite – it all gave me a stomachache anyway.

Then I heard about Dr Matar. When I went in to see him he did tests. He talked with me and actually listened! He had me answer a bunch of questions and then started me on my own personal diet that would help re-kick start my adrenals and thyroid and help to clean out my liver. All of them were in miserable shape.

It’s now beenout a month. My hair is no longer falling out in such quantities. My energy is back!

My thanks to Dr Matar and his wonderful staff! I truly believe your all-natural detox program has saved my life!”

Jennifer B.
Jennifer B. Los Angeles, CA

“Amazing people, atmosphere and program. This place is about making lasting life changes, and I learn something new every time I’m there that will benefit me my entire life. No pills, depriving diets, or fads, just lifelong choices for a healthy lifestyle. Only place and program that has really worked for me, and every week I get stronger, healthier, and closer to my goal.”

Camilla A.
Camilla A. Sierra Madre, CA

I have lost nearly 45 pounds since my first session and love it here. I have been coming to PWLC since August of 2016 and have had an amazing experience with regards to my goals and lifestyle. Every employee at PWCL makes you feel like it is a second home away from home and they do their best to make sure you get the best out of your experience with them. I highly recommend them to anyone who plans on losing weight. They will help guide you and give you lifelong invaluable knowledge about the foods we eat.”

Avo V.
Avo V.Glendale, CA

“Came here as a last resort after my failed attempts at ‘dieting’. I was successful at losing weight and inches. But what is most important to me is that I feel amazing!
The doctor and coaches will change your life!”

Aurelio R.
Aurelio R. Azusa, CA

“I recommend this plan only if you can answer yes to these three questions: 1. Do you really want to lose weight and become healthy? 2. Do you want to learn how to make healthy food choices? 3. Do you want to learn how to exercise safely and lose weight faster?
If you said yes to these questions then you are ready to go all in and take control of your health.
My story:  I visited my Doctor and I was told that I was 1 point away from being Diabetic. I needed to take action.  I learned about the Pasadena Weight Loss Clinic and I said yes and started the plan.
Now four months on the plan and I have lost 30 pounds!  I even lost weight during the Holidays!
I lost 5 inches on both my waist and hips and I get a lot of compliments for the thinner me! I have learned a lot about getting the right balance of protein, carbs and fat for each meal.  Dr. Matar has a great team to help support my weight loss with a nutritionist and exercise trainer.  I now know how to construct a meal that will work for me.  I learned I could make my time at the gym more efficient by using the adaptive training methods I was shown by my trainer.  I now have all of the tools I need to continue on and to keep my weight off.  And if I gain some back due to the holidays I know how to get back on track to lose it.”

David V.
David V. South Pasadena, CA

“True warriors of health!!!  They have helped me get back on track!! Thank you for helping me NOT give up on myself…special thanks to Rawaa and Dr. Matar!!!

Margie R.
Margie R. Temple City, CA

“This is a truly original program.  I doubt there is anything else like it out there.  Having my own Nutritionist and fitness trainer keeps me motivated and on track.   Everyone on the staff is excellent at what they do.  They know your name and care about how you are doing. Sometimes I mess up and instead of giving up I know that the support is there to get going again.  Makes all the difference for me.”

Lidian C.
Lidian C. South Pasadena, CA

“This place is amazing! Finally the truth about how to be healthy, fit, and slim.  I don’t feel like I am “losing weight.”  I feel like I am becoming a smaller person physically.  There is a difference.  You can lose weight in a detrimental way that makes you balloon up to even higher weights once you “go back to normal eating.”  That is the opposite of the program here. You get the knowledge to change your lifestyle to one that organically makes you a more fit and slim person.  It takes work.  There is still no magic pill, but by the time you put the work in, you will have earned your new figure and you will NOT go back to what you were doing before.  The Pasadena Weight Loss Center gives you the knowledge to do it right, and the encouragement to do so.  The whole staff is great!  My coach Aaron is THE BEST.  So, funny and motivational, and so knowledgeable.  My trainer Brian is THE BOMB!  So, encouraging.  And the Office Manager Rawaa is great!  She is always quick to help you out.  And of course, Dr. Matar is AMAZING!  Just come to one of his lectures, and you’ll see what I mean.  I’m down about 17 pounds, and thanks to their high-tech body monitoring machines, I can see that that is fat, not muscle weight, and I can see that my metabolism is going up as is my muscle mass.  And I can see that my percentage of body fat is going down (not muscle and water) –that’s the way to lose weight and keep it off, and that’s what I’m doing!!!  Can’t recommend a place more highly.”

AM. S.
AM. S.Los Angeles, CA

“Rawaa – this one’s for you!!!! Lol. I’ve been coming here for a little over a year now and have lost about 60 pounds. I feel like I’ve gotten the skills needed to continue, on my own. All staff members past & present have been extremely kind and supportive. Shout out to the Doctor, Rawa, Erica, Veronica, Tanya, Paola, Maureen, Courtney, & LaMoesha. The program is tailored specifically to each individual and I feel like it’s very manageable. I feel like the staff really cares about you and listens and problem-solves any challenges. I would recommend this place to anyone :)”

A. M. T.
A. M. T. Sunland, CA