Personalized Coaching

How a Weight Loss Plan is Personalized

Our weight loss programs begin with comprehensive testing and an in-depth evaluation and consultation to explain the findings and discuss a complete game plan.

If the patient is ready to start, a fully tailored wellness plan is created with achieving and maintaining optimum weight as its objectives.

Plans typically address and seek to optimize food, hydration, sleep, energy, exercise, stress, deficiencies, aches, pain, stiffness. When necessary, we can cooperate with your treating physician to create a med-reduction plan to help you safely get off blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, insomnia, and other meds whenever possible. Once the plan is created and explained to the patient, program management is scheduled and implemented through professional weekly coaching sessions. Plans are shared with attending physician for optimum cooperation.

Our plans are simple, basic and easily applied in real life. The food plan for example uses nothing but real foods that can be purchased at a regular grocery store.

Once you are on the plan, your weight loss coach will monitor your progress, answer any questions you have about the program, give you weekly assignments to help you understand and acquire the necessary skills to lose weight and keep it off indefinitely.

Our plans are designed to:

  • Improve your overall health
  • Evaluate & remove lifelong, or recent, weight loss blockers or barriers
  • Repair & reset your “metabolism switch”

Our Unique 3-Tier Coaching System

Coach: An expert practitioner in the principles of Hygienology coaching, who has been trained and apprenticed with demonstrated competence guiding Active Participants to stellar success.

Hygienology Coaching Coordinator (HCC): A highly-trained administrator, who oversees the well-functioning of coaching, training, coaches and personal trainers through administrative, technical and compassion functions.

Hygienology Coaching Supervisor (HCS): A coach’s coach, who closely supervises your coach, frequently reviews your programs and effectively instructs your coach in light of your progress and testing results, and modifies your program whenever necessary.

The support you receive from your coach, personal trainer and all staff is world class and extremely effective – and is done with the knowledge and coordination of your doctor, which makes it even safer and more effective.