Dr. Claude Matar completed his MD in 1986, and became a board certified naturopathic physician and certified clinical nutritionist in 1998. The cause of his expanding practice? A general sense of dissatisfaction with trends in the medical system. Many doctors were over scheduled and understaffed, which left them treating superficial symptoms with medication, rather than educating their patients on how to treat the cause of their symptoms.

Lack of energy, obesity, food cravings, body pains, stiffness, fatigue, a lack of sleep – all common complaints in any medical office. Dr. Matar wanted to do more than treat these symptoms – he wanted to find out what was causing them in the first place. With the goal of improving his patients’ long-term health, Dr. Matar left the medical practice and created a new system her termed: Applied Patient Education.

He spent years diving through decades worth of papers, textbooks, and medical journals in the hopes of developing a program that could treat the underlying issue rather than the symptoms it caused. He distilled the research into a simple and easily applicable program that provided positive long-term results to his patients. Over the years, he fine-tuned his system into a method that is complete, practical, and optimizes long-term health, which is now called Hygienology (derived from the Greek words “hygi, which means “healthful living or preventive medicine” and “logos”, which means the knowledge or study of.)

At its foundation, Hygienology is a step by step approach to optimizing health. It is delivered through professionally coached Applied Patient Education focusing on areas such as lifestyle, nutrition, sleep, stress, hydration, exercise, detox, etc. Your program is tailored to your unique needs. With a practical and results-based emphasis on natural food, anyone can take advantage of what Hygienology has to offer.

Through Hygienology, Pasadena Weight Loss Center has helped thousands control their weight and achieve stellar health results, and can do the same for you.


Since 1980, Dr. Matar has devoted his life to helping others and researching simple methods to ensure that people achieve better health and keep it that way for the rest of their lives.

Here are some of his contributions:
  • Dr. Matar was the chief scientist in the development of Vitaminalysis®, previously known as SNS or Stanford Nutritional Survey: A science based questionnaire. Vitaminalysis® produced exact personalized supplement recommendations, selected from over a thousand of his basic nutritional formulas.
  • CHEQ™, or Comprehensive Health Evaluation Questionnaire, is one of the doctor’s key contributions. The result of many years of trial and error and observation of results and effects on real patients with real health concerns, CHEQ is the most complete interactive preventive medicine screening test of its kind as it helps patients effectively unearth what’s likely to be the actual underlying causes(s) of his/her non-optimum health condition(s). The test produces an easy to understand, yet detailed report fully supported by close to 1000 scientific research documents. It is a free service available across the World Wide Web for all to benefit from.
  • Electronic Individual Health Evaluations and personalized programs to help the layperson devise an exact lifestyle plan to optimize the basic foundation of their health. The areas covered are: Body Composition, Hydration, Nutrition, Oxygenation, and Sleep.
  • Interactive Lifestyle Assessments covering smoking, drinking and abuse of legal prescription drugs as they affect the nutritional status and health of the user. The assessments are quick and simple. Each results in a report of findings and recommendations to help the patient accomplish certain targets resulting in minimizing the negative effects of certain bad habits or giving them up altogether. As with the rest of Dr. Matar’s interactive preventive medicine tools, these assessments are based on solid medical science and clinical experience.
  • Documented the nutrient depleting effects of 347 drugs in common medical practice as evidenced by 195 published research documents creating the largest known interactive database of its kind that is available free of charge on his website.
  • Home Screening Kits, which are designed to help discover and target the underlying cause(s) of what’s ailing the patient’s body. They help the patient establish the baseline from which he/she can measure progress. The results of these kits provide a documented evaluation and reevaluation of the current state of health and any changes taking place during the course of any health program.
  • In depth Health Education Programs, supported by multimedia components to help educate the healthcare professional and his/her patients in the following fundamental areas: Diet, Pain, Energy, Sleep, Metabolism and Detoxification.
  • Nutritional, Herbal and SPA Medicine Formulas for the care of the body therapeutically. All in all, an ever expanding list of over 100 organic whole food-based formulas available now to the broad public anywhere.
  • Coined and founded what he refers to as Culinary Medicine which he based on his research in cellular hydration and the moisture index, or MI, food pyramid, which is intended to correct and replace the existing food pyramid. He also created countless recipes illustrating the actual application of the principles of culinary medicine.