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Permanent Weight Loss with a Program Tailored Toward your Needs and Lifestyle.

Watch Celebrity Sean Kanan’s Experience at the Pasadena Weight Loss Center.

Our detoxification process is non-invasive, relaxing, and easy for anybody to do! Comprised of three main components, testing/evaluation, the Liver Flush, and the Detox Activation Treatment (DAT), your body gets the cleansing it needs for long term wellness and weight loss.

Fully monitored by highly qualified exercise science professionals, our 30 minute advanced training sessions include: Oxygen-enhanced, Resistance Range of Motion (R-ROM), Adaptive Resistance Exercise (ARX), and Peak Cardio Training (PCT).

Sit down with an expert Nutritionist/Life Coach who will go over the findings from your testing and discuss a sound game plan to ensure accurate and appropriate wellness and fitness based weight loss is achieved naturally, utilizing our award-winning method that has helped thousands for more than 2 decades now.